This is a women’s only class that’s sure to increase your strength, stamina and energy levels. This class is full of structured variety. We cycle every 6 weeks between two types of training, strength and metabolic, reducing the chances of you ever reaching a plateau in your fitness.

During our strength phase we focus on exercises that target specific muscle groups and lift weights that are heavy enough to challenge those muscles to become stronger. The intensity of our workouts are monitored individually and in this class we work toward feelings of heaviness and fatigue in the muscles. Your heart may not be racing, but your muscles will definitely feel challenged. We always say in class – it feels good to feel strong!

During the metabolic phase we focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. Your heart will be pumping in every workout for the 6 weeks as we aim for your personal maximal effort each week. Our individual intensities are monitored by achieving what Metabolic Effect calls the B’s and H’s – breathless, burning, heavy and hot. The types of exercises we focus on are multi-joint using moderate weight. Most women have a love-hate relationship with these workouts, they are very challenging, but if you reach the right intensity, you boost your fat burning potential for hours after your workout is over!

This is a high energy class with an incredible group of women!

Email info@altitude-at.ca for more information!

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Fall 2020 Schedule