Yoga Classes

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic we have closed our studio and our now offering our classes online! Click HERE for more information!

Gentle Flow

Gentle flow is an energizing 60min vinyasa class that tones and strengthens the entire body while increasing mobility and overall flexibility. This entry level class links breath and movement which turns static poses into a gentle, dynamic flow. Modifications and variations will be provided throughout the class which enables this class to be accessible for both the experienced yogi and the beginner yogi.
Instructor: Janine Harvath

Flow 2.0

This 60min vinyasa class is a similar style to the Gentle flow class but offers optional progressions for the yogi who is looking to take their practice to another level. The base of this class is entry level, linking breath and movement, with a slightly more dynamic flow than the Gentle class. 
Instructor: Janine Harvath


Yin yoga is a 60min practice that consists of a series of passive poses which work to target the body’s fascia and connective tissues. These poses are held for an extended period of time which helps to regulate the flow of energy in the body (yin) and increase flexibility. Breath and relaxation techniques are also utilized throughout as a way to assist the body with releasing into the poses and releasing tension. This class is great for any experience level whether you are new to yoga or looking for a complimentary class to your other workouts.
Instructor: Zoey Kelly

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Fall 2020 Schedule

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