Yoga Classes

Morning Flow

Morning flow is an energizing 60min vinyasa class that tones and strengthens the entire body while increasing mobility and overall flexibility. This class links breath and movement which turns static poses into a gentle, dynamic flow. Modifications and variations will be provided throughout the class which enables this class to be accessible for both the experienced yogi and the beginner yogi.
Instructor: Becca Philipsen

Meditation in Motion

This modified traditional practice will focus on developing each student’s muscle strength & flexibility, joint mobility, balance, and peace of mind.
Yoga is a personal practice, so this class will be accessible to the beginner, with modifications available to challenge any student. This 90min class will have a 15-minute opening with warm-ups and breathwork, 1 hour of Hatha-Vinyasa and Yin poses, and a 15-minute guided savasana.
Come with an open heart, and leave with a healthier body and mind.
Instructor: Carleton Pope

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Winter 2020 Schedule

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