Carleton Pope

(Yoga Instructor)

My wife Valina first introduced me to Yoga with Alyssa in 2016. Like a lot of guys, I thought that Yoga was just for gals. Wow!

As the years went by, I had been getting more injuries and found my body stiffening, so I signed up for my first Yoga class for its physical benefits. But the more I practiced, the more I discovered its psychological benefits can far outweigh the physical, and I found myself living a less stressful and more complete life.

As a result, I became increasingly passionate about yoga, and finished a 200-hour teacher training at Bambu Hot Yoga in Nelson BC in 2019, and I plan to do another next year.

My favourite style of yoga is a modified Hatha-Vinyasa. It can be accessible to anyone and challenging for everyone, and the pace and modifications are particularly well suited for students who are new to yoga.