About a year ago I began having trouble with my left shoulder.  I tried some physiotherapy but the shoulder continued to get worse.  Eventually I had x-rays and ultrasound where it was determined it was bursitis in the shoulder with symptoms of frozen shoulder.  Sarah along with other health care specialists advised I have a cortisone shot which I did.  After this I continued treatment to the point where those I was working with felt they had done all they could. Mobility in the shoulder at this point was still pretty limited although progress had been made.  At this time (about 4 months ago) I started Athletic Therapy with Sarah at Altitude. Sarah’s thorough examination and assessment of what the limits of my abilities were, her knowledge of which muscles to work with to further free mobility in the shoulder have been so encouraging.  She is willing to listen to my concerns and help me find exercises that are producing great results.  She has worked with other healthcare professionals, building on their expertise to provide great care.  Though it’s been a long process, Sarah’s contribution to this process is yielding great results and each time I’m able to reach behind me to help one of our grandkids in the car, put on a jacket without pain or take part in an exercise class with more strength and confidence I am thankful for Sarah’s help!  She is professional, thorough, so caring and conscientious!  We are so privileged to have this kind of care here in our small community.

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