My daughter and I have seen Sarah on different occasions for different reasons. Each time we were always greeted with friendliness and concern; and thanks to Sarah’s knowledge and ability, by the end of our treatment we were back to functioning as before, or maybe even better! One time I was treated for a dislocated shoulder and needed to regain mobility, range and strength. Sarah went over the treatment plan with me, making sure it was reasonable with my schedule and let me know I would have homework to do! She worked me hard, but not more than I was capable. Thanks Sarah; I don’t think my shoulder would be the same if we hadn’t ‘fixed” it together. And folks I say together because if you aren’t willing to put in the work, aka homework, assigned your progress will be slow and minimal. Sarah is kind, knowledgeable and excellent at her job; listen to her advice, do the exercises and watch the progress!

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