How do I get started?

***Athletic Therapy Services are currently unavailable until Spring 2020 due to Maternity Leave***

Start by booking (scroll down for booking links) an Athletic Therapy Assessment where we will assess the injured area by taking a detailed history, performing functional tests, strength and range of motion tests. From there will provide you with an injury impression and detailed plan for rehabilitation. We will also begin treatment on your injury during the assessment. An injury assessment provides the background information to determine direction of treatment and rehabilitation so in order to be thorough, the appointments are typically 75 minutes.

What can you expect in your appointment?

Expect to learn about why your injury occurred
Expect to learn how your injury can be prevented from occurring again
Expect a home program – you’re going to be working as diligently on your own as you are in clinic in order to ensure a speedy recovery

What can I do to prepare for my appointment?

Wear clothing that will allow the Athletic Therapist to see the injured area (ie://tank top or sports bra for upper body injuries, shorts for lower body)
Bring along any documentation or imaging reports relevant to the injury

Athletic Therapy Assessment (75min): $90
Click here to schedule an assessment time

Athletic Therapy Treatment (60min): $70
Click here to schedule a treatment time