5 years ago I was asked by a friend to join the ladies fitness class, Elevate! with Sarah Wiafe.

I found out she is a Certified Athletic Therapist specializing in sport injuries. I booked an appointment with Sarah for what she could do for my old soccer injury. She gave me exercises to strengthen my legs. These exercises helped me for many years but 3 years ago I twisted my knee again on our farm and this time it swole very badly. With first seeing an ER Dr. and she send me to a knee specialists where an MRI was ordered. I was tired of waiting so I saw Sarah again and after assessing my knee she suspected that my ACL was torn 100% and probably my meniscus was damaged as well. 11 months and 2 1/2 weeks later I had my MRI. The results Sarah gave me were bang on!! Sarah was right!!. My ACL 100% torn and a piece of meniscus was folded backwards. With these results the knee specialists made an apt for me with the surgeon he works with in the Calgary South Health Campus, Dr. S. French. After I had met the surgeon he recommended me to start asap with strengthening my body, prepping for surgery. Of course, I asked Sarah to help me with that. I trust her f00%. She is always kind and caring, so positive in everything she does for me. She knows how to push me to do my exercises well and correctly.
I would recommend Sarah Wiafe at Altitude to anyone who is looking for a sport therapist, Sarah is the one to have. She is truly a blessing to me.

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